About Us

Owner - Greg Longnecker

Welcome to X-treme Parasail, Oahu’s largest watersports company, founded by Greg, Mike and Mamie Longnecker. Greg is a big wave surfer and parasailer with over 30 years of experience. Parasailing tourists and water enthusiasts have been Greg’s passion for over 2 decades. When he decided to start X-treme Parasail, he sought to bring an experience to the Islands that they have never seen before. That vision was finally realized when he introduced the Honolulu Screamer, Hawaii’s first jet boat, to the scene. With it’s TWIN C-12 motors, this roller-coaster-on-water is unlike anything Honolulu has ever seen. With Greg’s family and team of experienced captains and crew, your fun on the water is guaranteed! The family at X-treme Parasail is happy that you’ve found us online, so we invite you to book online with us now, and we will see you when you get here! We are conveniently located just 5 minutes from Waikiki and will arrange for pickup/dropoff at or near your hotel.

Aloha and welcome to X-treme Parasail. You are invited to join Greg Longnecker and his crew at Hawaii’s largest and most exciting water sports adventure center. You will experience the BEST that Hawaii has to offer in jet skis, parasailing, jet boats, and flyboarding!

Greg Longnecker