Xtreme (1,000 ft)
$87 $78.30
Beginner (500 ft)
$48 $43.20
$28 $25.20

Up to 1,000 feet of tow line allows you and a friend to enjoy perfect views of Diamond Head from Oahu’s south shore. Choose the length that will satisfy your craving for adventure: 500 or 1,000 feet.

We offer 2 lengths of line:

X-treme Parasail:

  • 1,000 feet, 11 minute ride
  • $87 per person

Beginner Parasail:

  • 500 feet, 5 minute ride
  • $48 per person

What to bring:

Swimsuit, board shorts, rash guard or any clothes you feel comfortable getting wet. We provide the life jacket.

*Accommodating extra passengers not on the booking is not guaranteed*

*All time lengths are approximate

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Aloha and welcome to X-treme Parasail. You are invited to join Greg Longnecker and his crew at Hawaii’s largest and most exciting water sports adventure center. You will experience the BEST that Hawaii has to offer in jet skis, parasailing, jet boats, and flyboarding!

Greg Longnecker